The Bridal Bundle

The Bridal Bundle

Having a hard time finalizing the details of your wedding day? 

The Ultimate Bridal Bundle is Here!

I been helping so many brides out of state simplify there wedding without spending so much money! I narrowed down the most important aspects of a wedding and created this bundle bundle to help brides just like yourself not stress!

This is a one on one experience, we create a timeline based off a questionnaire and adjust yours if its been created, we then create a design for your wedding, you will receive a floor plan and a list of decor where you can purchase items to help you stay in budget! Lastly, we create your ceremony seating, its always hard to tell guests where to sit, so we arrange that for you!

I promise your day will run smoothly with this bridal bundle! If this is something you’re interested click “Lets get started” link below so we can begin to plan your wedding day!

• A questionnaire & timeline to help complete your wedding day itinerary.
• Ceremony seating charts.
• A workbook to help develop a personalized design for your ceremony and reception.
• Vendor contact information sheets to help you stay organized.
• 100+ Questions to consider asking when selecting which wedding vendors to hire.